The inside of your home is clean, but how does the outside look?

Discoloration on your roof?

Black streaks or any other suspicious discoloration on your roof is typically algae growth.  A quick power clean to the roof can help wash away any algae and other unwanted growth.

Dirt and grime? 

The existence of dirt and grime gives the exterior a dull and worn appearance. If you are starting to notice these, chances are it is starting to build up and it is better to tackle it early on.

Staining on your driveway?

It’s no secret driveways are a highly trafficked area, so it makes sense they are prone to staining and dirt build-up. Staying on top of driveway cleaning is a good way to prevent heavy staining.

Overflowing Gutters?

When gutters are not properly cleaned, they start to get built up with debris, causing the water to overflow. If you notice your gutters starting to overflow, have us come take a look and give them a good clean so your gutters are back to functioning to their full potential!

Whether it’s your roof, driveways, or everything in between, Geek Roofing has what you need to provide you with an exterior you’ll want to show off.  We would love to hear from you! Contact us to get started on an estimate.

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We understand the outside look of your home is important to you, the appeal of your property, and the value of your home. We also understand the importance of protecting the condition of your home. We value providing you exterior cleaning services because we know how much of an impact regular exterior cleaning maintenance can do to prevent you from having to fix these greater issues later on.

Exterior maintenance is key to preventing more costly fixes. 

Are you concerned about the exterior of your home leading to these issues?

  • Decreasing the overall look and feel of your home?
  • Having a “run-down” look at your home?
  • Deterioration due to years of dirt, grime, and mold?
  • Having to replace your siding, gutters, or roof because of the dirt build-up?

If it’s been a while since you last had professional cleaning done to the exterior of your home, give us a call! We are here to help get your home looking like the day you bought it.



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  • Increase your curb appeal 

We all know how moss and dirt build-up can greatly affect outward appearances. Whether you are looking to sell your home or want to be proud of the home you currently own, we’ll help you get you what you want.

  • Extend the lifespan of your home

Everyday exposure to weather conditions will eventually take a toll on the exterior of your home, leading to expensive replacements due to extensive damage. Keeping the exterior of your home maintained through cleaning services helps slow down the time and eliminate those more costly fixes.

  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We work with our customers, not for our customers.  This means that we take the time to listen to your questions, thoughts, and concerns every step of the way. WE understand that as a homeowner, you want to ensure your home is in the best hands, and we aim to continue to provide that to our customers. We will never walk away from the property until you are delighted.


Geek roofing understands that as homeowners, your home is a treasured investment. This is why we take the time to hear your needs, concerns, and plans for the projects you have in mind while providing our highest quality work from our trained professionals. Here at Geek Roofing, we don’t just specialize in roofing. We also work with a variety of housing projects and maintenance such as sidings, gutters, and driveways. We are confident every homeowner can count on our licensed experts to make their home look and feel good as new, no matter the project! We also include a 10-year warranty with every roofing project, because we know the importance of protecting your home and its value.

Geek Roofing is the team you can count on. You may be thinking–Why? Aside from our experience in the field and customer-centered approach, we come prepared with the proper equipment to provide your exterior premium results that will not just last you a month. Our professional grade equipment and team will efficiently clean all the buildup of dirt, grime, and other weathering elements accumulated over time so you will have the perfect exterior that will create a lasting impression to all who pass by.

You may be thinking, is it time to clean your exterior house? Will it be worth the time and money? Does my house need it? These are all reasonable questions to have.

Here are some areas you may want to consider when answering those questions:


  • 1. Roof

    We know that as a homeowner, the integrity and quality of your roof are a priority. Its job is to keep your home safe from everyday harsh elements, keeping the inside of the home free from danger. The accumulation of dirt and debris can weigh down your roof, putting your roof at risk of wear and tear damage, if not worse. Our job is to help you prevent this from happening and keep you and your family safe from further damage. Call us today and let us know how we can help. 

  • 2. Geek Roofing provides cleaning services for the following roof types:

    Cedar Shake: Cedar shakes have been providing premium insulation, extreme weather protection, and durability to homeowners for hundreds of years. Aside from its structural ability to provide a strong roofing foundation, its unique wave-like pattern adds a striking, architectural finish to a home, with the potential of increasing your property’s value greatly.

    Metal: Metal roofs are known to be an energy-efficient option, as they conserve energy by reflecting heat from the sun. They are also fire-resistant, helping you and your family safe from any unexpected events. Because metal roofing systems are installed in sheets, this makes for a quicker and more efficient installation than traditional roofing systems—saving you time and money!

    Tile: Tile roofing systems are made from materials such as clay, slate, and concrete, and work best for homes with steeper slopes. Tile roofing systems, like cedar shakes, can increase the value and aesthetic of your home but are also high-performance as they last many years. Although tile roofing systems may require a higher cost upfront, they will save you money over time with less need for maintenance and twice as much durability as shingle-style systems. Roof tiles come in many shapes to choose from, including curved, flat, fluted, etc.

    Composition: Composition shingles, also known as asphalt shingles, are most commonly installed in residential homes. They have become appealing to homeowners as they are the most cost-effective while maintaining long-lasting protection and minimal maintenance. Composition shingles are typically made from a combination of asphalt, granules, and a base mat. The average lifespan of a composition shingle roof is 20 years, but with the proper maintenance, they can last 50+ years. We will provide you with options– you can pick from an array of patterns, styles, and colors to match your home.

  • 3. Siding

    House siding is constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions, causing dirt and other elements to build up over time. Aside from giving your home a worn-down look, this can lead to more extensive and expensive problems to the siding, such as rotting. Whether you are looking to sell your home and want a refreshed curb appeal or want to protect the exterior of your home from further costly damage, our team of professionals can meet your needs–either way, your beautiful home and pockets will thank you!

  • 3. Driveway

  • 4. Gutters

    Just like regular roof maintenance, gutter maintenance and cleaning is important. This is especially crucial for our customers living in regions exposed to heavy rainfall and greenery that can easily cause buildup. It is recommended to have gutter cleaning completed at least twice a year—typically once in the Spring and follow up in the Fall. However, we understand living in regions surrounded by nature may mean gutter concerns can arise more often than expected. Our highly trained team is available year-round for any gutter concerns you may have.

    Gutter maintenance is often overlooked, and we know this can be a tedious task for homeowners. Our gutter experts have the knowledge and experience to help you ensure your gutters are performing at their best.

    • Save Money

    Annual gutter cleaning is key in preventative maintenance to avoid more costly issues that can arise.

    • Prevent growth of mold

    Maintaining clean gutters prevents mold and algae from growing on your roof.

    • Avoid flooding

    Proper gutter cleaning prevents overflow of water, resulting in a home free from damaged roofs and shingles.

    • Avoid pests

    Gutter cleaning can protect you from unwanted critters, as they are likely to lurk around your property and nest in debris-filled gutters.

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