How do I know if my roof needs a repair?

Increased energy usage?

Have you noticed an increase in your energy bills? It’s likely your cool or hot air is escaping through a leak in your roof.

Decreased air quality? 

Faulty roofs can leak mold and mildew in the ceilings and rafters, compromising the air quality in your home or business building.

Wear and tear?

Wear and tear usually can be found surrounding the areas that stick out on your roofs, such as vents, skylights, pipes, and chimneys. If you notice any damage around these areas, it may be early signs of roof damage.

Stained ceilings or walls?

When a roof’s underlayment has been damaged or is starting to collapse, moisture and water get trapped and create stains that can be found on the ceiling of your house and appear on the walls.

The sooner these simple repairs are fixed, the more money you are saving yourself from more complicated fixes from waiting too long. Geek Roofing will get you in as soon as possible, so you don’t have to let these issues linger.

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Do you worry about…

  • Spending more money in the long run because you didn’t fix a less complicated repair?
  • Having a less marketable home to prospective homebuyers?
  • Working with an unlicensed team that will improperly assess your roofing concerns?
  • Being overcharged or overestimated for a project your roof does not need?

Roof repairs are a simple fix that could substantially increase the value and overall look of your property. Our licensed, insured, and the bonded team pays attention to these concerns, and because we understand where you are coming from, we always provide our highest quality materials and installation.


  • Safety

A roof that is not properly repaired will not only cost you money to fix later on but will leave you behind with a dangerous hazard. We consider safety when working with our customers, which is why we ensure every roof is repaired with your family’s security and reliability in mind.

  • Quality Materials

With Geek Roofing, you will know only the best quality materials will be used. Premium quality materials guarantee longer-lasting roofs.

  • Honesty is our best policy. 

We strive to be a company based on excellent customer service skills and honesty when it comes to evaluating the needs of your roof. You will never be charged for more than you need and will be provided plenty of financing options to fit your budget.



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Geek Roofing is the way to go with over XX years of experience, licensing, and many satisfied customers. From the moment you start with our team to the moment the work is complete, you will feel at ease. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will walk you through the process and all of your options. Call us today for a simple, easy, and seamless process so you can have your dream roof in no time.

When considering a roofing project for your home, we know you want to trust those who are providing these services. Otherwise, your project will soon become complicated and lead to expensive fixes

Here are 4 areas you should consider when you repair your roof:

  • 1. Roof

    Strong winds, heavy rain, sun exposure, and wear and tear from old age can unexpectedly happen. These things can cause extensive damage to your roof—and if not done in a timely manner—can cause mold growth, water damage, unsafe living conditions, and more costly repairs over time. Geek Roofing provides you with the fast and reliable services you need during these times. 

  • 2. Skylights

    As a homeowner with a skylight, you are aware of the beautiful brightness they bring into your interior space, and we know how important it is to have a well-functioning skylight so you can enjoy the natural light and save on your electricity bills. 

    Skylight repairs may be necessary when rainwater has been trapped deep beneath the roofing underlayers, causing the surrounding areas of your skylight to rot if untreated eventually. In other cases, your skylight may be exposed to a minor leak over time or from sudden impacts such as heavy storms. Whatever the reason may be, we are prepared to fix any level of skylight problems with the right parts and products for the task to help you save money and enjoy optimum light for your interior. 

  • 3. Shingle

    Shingles play a vital role in your roof by filtering out water and moisture that could potentially leak into your home. A shingle repair ensures your home is prevented from major roof damage caused by leakage if not replaced. Geek Roofing wants to ensure we help you address these issues early on to prevent your pockets from spending costly amounts. We can work with small shingle area repairs as well as larger shingle repair sections. Whatever the project may be, Geek Roofing will guarantee our shingle repairs with the quality and look of a new roof.   

  • 4. Pipes

We can schedule a FREE Consultation to answer any questions you may have.

Geek Roofing knows these mistakes not only make for a dissatisfied homeowner but can also end up costing homeowners more than they budgeted for. You don’t have to worry about any bumps in the road with our detail-oriented and experienced team. We want to help your vision go as smoothly as planned.